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500+ Existing Custom Reports List

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01-General Ledger  Go To Store

01-03-00-03 GL Acct Verification Reportby Dept/SubAcct with Job 
01-03-00-06 Bank Account Transaction List
01-03-00-08 Subcontractor Check History Report
01-03-00-10 Transaction Report By Date/Trans # with Details
01-03-00-15 Transaction Report By Period
01-03-00-20 Transaction Report By Account with Details
01-05-00-01 Bank Reconciliation Report by Status / Account #
01-05-00-02 Bank Reconciliation Report by Account #

Report icon02-Accounting Reports   Go To Store

02-02-00-10 G/L Acct Worksheet By Period with Differences
02-02-00-11 G/L Acct Worksheet Difference Details
02-03-00-12 Income Statement by Date Range
02-03-00-16 Income Statement  with Summary Accounts
02-03-00-17 Income Statement 12 Periods with Summary Acct Roll-up*
02-07-00-01 Chart of Accounts with Summary Accts & End Balance 
02-07-00-05 Chart of Accounts with Budgets & Subaccounts
02-08-00-00 Dept Income Statement GL Accts -12 Periods
02-08-00-01 Combined Dept Income Statement GL Accts -12 Periods
02-08-00-02 G/L Acct by Qtr This Yr/Last Yr 
02-08-00-09 Income Statement-12 Periods 
02-08-00-10 G/L Acct by Period with Subaccounts 
02-08-00-11 G/L Acct by Period with Subaccounts ( P/L Accounts Only)
02-08-00-12 G/L Acct by Period with % of Total Operating Income 
02-08-00-13 G/L Acct by Period with % of Income(GL 4000) 
02-08-00-14 G/L Acct by Period with % of Income(GL 4000) with SubAccts
02-08-00-16 SubAcct INCOME STATEMENT Accts with % and 12 Periods 
02-08-00-17 Dept/SubAcct INCOME STATEMENT Accts~with 12 Periods 
02-08-00-19 SubAcct BAL SHT Accounts~with 12 Periods
02-08-00-20 SubAcct BAL SHT Accounts~with 12 Periods-EXCEL*
02-10-00-XX Income Statement This Yr/Last Yr with Chg $ and %
(13 reports)   

02-10-00-ZZ Income Statement Actual-Budget-ThisYr-LastYr (13 reports)     

03-Accounts Receivable   Go To Store

03-01-01-00 Job List with AR / AP / Net Invoice Totals
03-01-01-01 AR Invoice List by Dept/Job/Phase
03-01-01-06 Job List Summary with AR Invoices By Client / Job
03-01-01-07 Job Balances with All Phase Info 
03-01-01-15 Job Balances with Sales Tax
03-01-01-19 Job Status Report with Over / Under Billings & Paid Detail 
03-01-01-20 Job Status Report with Over / Under Billings 
03-01-02-01 A/R Cash Flow Summary
03-01-02-02 Dept / Job List with Phase / Inv Detail / Job Notes 
03-01-02-03 AR Invoice List by Job / Phase 
03-01-02-04 AR Invoice List by Dept / Job / Phase with Notes 
03-01-02-05 AR Community & Job Totals with Inv Details 
03-01-02-06 AR Community & Job Totals 
03-01-02-07 AR Community Totals 
03-01-02-08 AR Invoice List by Period
03-01-02-11 AR Income by Cost Code Summary (from Invoices) 
03-01-02-12 AR Income by Cost Code with Detail (from Invoices) 
03-01-02-15 AR Sales by Salesperson with Dept Columns 
03-01-02-16 AR Invoice List by Paid Date
03-01-02-17 AR Invoice by Period
03-01-02-18 AR Totals by Client
03-01-02-19 AR Job Totals by Client/Job
03-01-02-20 AR Sales by Client with Job List with Dept Columns
03-01-03-00 AR / AP Aged Cash Flow Analysis
03-01-03-01 AR  Invoice 120-Day Aging by Client / Job with Invoice Detail
03-01-03-05 AR  Invoice 120-Day Aging by Client / SubDivision / Job
03-01-03-06 AR-SR Aging Report “Client Only” (Alpha)
03-01-03-07 AR-SR Aging Report “Client Only” (Client #)
03-01-03-08 AR Invoice Aging by Dept / Client / Job (From Inv Date)
03-01-03-09 AR Invoice Paid & Aging by Dept / Client / Job (From Inv Date)
03-01-03-18 AR Invoice 90-Day Aging by Dept / Client / Job
03-01-07-01 Master Project Budget Report
03-01-07-02 Master Project Budget Summary
03-01-07-03 Master Project Job Cost Report
03-01-07-04 Master Project Job Cost Summary
03-01-07-05 Master Project Job Payment Report
03-01-07-06 Master Project Job Payment Summary
03-01-07-07 Master Project Job Profitability Report
03-01-11-15 Sales Tax Verification with AR Invoice Detail
03-03-00-03 Cash Receipts Deposit Report 
03-03-00-05 Deposit Slip 
03-03-00-11 Deposits by Deposit Date
03-03-00-12 AR Deposits by Period
03-03-00-14 AR Deposits by Deposit Date
03-03-00-16 SR Deposits by Deposit Date
03-03-00-18 AR-SR Cash Receipts Deposit Report
03-03-00-19 Deposit Slip ( Form Fill )
03-04-00-07 AR Statement by Job / Phase
03-05-00-05 Work-In-Progress Job List by Type with Details
03-05-00-17 Work Forecast Report
03-07-00-05 Progress Billing with Sales Tax
03-07-00-08 Progress Billing Application For Payment ( AIA Style )
03-07-00-15 Progress Billing Schedule (Job Range)
03-07-00-16 Progress Billing Schedule Totals (Job Range)
03-07-00-20 Progress Billing-Portrait~by Cost Code Description 
03-08-00-01 Loan Draw Status Report
03-10-03-01 Time & Materials Invoice by Cost Type
03-10-03-04 Time & Materials Invoice by Cost Type/Cost Code
03-10-03-11 T&M Invoice with Phase Detail
03-10-03-12 T&M Invoice with Employee Subtotals
03-10-03-19 T&M Job / Invoice Detail
03-10-07-06 T&M Unbilled Report

04-Accounts Payable   Go To Store

04-01-01-01 Vendor List w/Address 
04-01-01-02 Vendor List w/Address & GL Info 
04-01-01-14 AP Retainage Report by Vendor
04-01-02-00 AP Inv Due List by Vendor with Accum Bal & Notes
04-01-02-01 AP Invoice List with Cost Code Summary
04-01-02-04 AP Detailed Invoice List by Job/Vendor/Cost Code
04-01-02-05 AP Parts by Ticket Number 
04-01-02-06 AP Inv Ledger Distribution with Line Detail by Batch #
04-01-02-07 AP Invoice Parts with Unit Price by Part Number / Vendor
04-01-02-11 Job Expense by Job / GL Acct  (from AP Invoices) 
04-01-02-12 Job Expense by GL Acct / Job  (from AP Invoices) 
04-01-02-14 AP Disbursement Breakdown by Job / Cost Code
04-01-02-15 AP Inv List with Line Detail & Cost Data by Vendor / Job
04-01-03-03 AP Invoice Aging by Vendor #
04-01-03-05 AP Invoice Aging by Vendor (Alpha)
04-01-03-08 AP Invoice Aging by Job/Invoice with Paid Info
04-01-03-12 AP Invoice Aging by Job / Vendor
04-01-03-12 AP Invoice Aging by Job / Vendor (Alpha)*
04-01-03-19 7-Day AP Aging Summary
04-01-05-02 Job Payment Summary by Vendor 
04-01-06-01 Vendor Certificates Listing
04-03-03-21 Lien Waiver-CP (Report Form: Conditional Progress)
04-03-03-21 Lien Waiver-CF (Report Form: Conditional Final)
04-03-03-21 Lien Waiver-UP (Report Form: Unconditional Progress)
04-03-03-21 Lien Waiver-UF (Report Form: Unconditional Final)
04-05-00-01 Vendor Info Report 

05-Payroll   Go To Store

05-01-01-11 Employee Vacation Hours 
05-01-01-12 Employee Sick-Time Hours
05-01-01-13 HIPAA Report 
05-01-01-15 Employee List with Info 
05-01-01-16 Employee List with Info Alpha 
05-01-01-18 Employee Vacation-Sick Hours (Accrued by Hour)
05-01-02-03 401k Payroll Report
05-01-02-14 Payroll Register-1-Line per Employee 
05-01-02-15 Payroll Register with Detail, 1-Line per Employee
05-01-02-19 Employee Payroll Report with Deductions, Hours, Jobs
05-01-05-16 Salaried Work Comp Report
(4-Report Series, Includes 5-1-5-16,18,19,20)

05-01-05-18 Work Comp Report by WC Code # with Full Detail
(4-Report Series, Includes 5-1-5-16,18,19,20)

05-01-05-19 Work Comp Report by WC Code # with Employee SubTotals
(4-Report Series, Includes 5-1-5-16,18,19,20)

05-01-05-20 Work Comp Report by WC Code # with WCC Totals Only
(4-Report Series, Includes 5-1-5-16,18,19,20)

05-01-06-01 Certified Payroll Report with Added Info
05-01-06-02 Certified Payroll Report with Job Phases
05-01-06-06 Certified Payroll with Deduction Boxes by Job / Phase
05-01-06-11 Certified Payroll Report-CONNECTICUT
05-01-09-01 Gross Wages – Qtr 1 (Excel Ready)
05-01-09-02 Gross Wages – Qtr 2 (Excel Ready)
05-01-09-03 Gross Wages – Qtr 3 (Excel Ready)
05-01-09-04 Gross Wages – Qtr 4 (Excel Ready)
05-01-09-05 Gross Wages – All 4 Qtrs (Excel Ready)
05-01-09-15 Employer’s Quarterly Tax & Wage Report
05-01-10-01 Pension Deductions
05-01-10-01 Pension Deductions (Alpha)*
05-01-10-03 Deduction Report by Deduction/Employee
05-01-10-05 Union Fringe Report with Detail
05-01-10-06 Union Fringe Payment Summary
05-01-10-09 Payroll Report by GL Account
05-01-10-20 Job Hours by Employee / Job
05-02-01-01 Employee Record with Photos
05-02-02-10 Payroll Record with Timecard Info & Deductions
05-02-02-15 Timecard Sign-Off Sheet
05-02-02-16 Timecard Sign-Off Sheet – Hours Only
05-03-01-01 Payroll Calculation List – Detail
05-03-01-02 Payroll Calculation List – Short
05-03-01-03 Payroll Calculation List – 1 Line
05-05-02-02 Daily Payroll Hours Journal by Employee/Job/Phase/Date

06-Project Management  

06-01 Series Go To Store

06-01-01-03 Job Status Report by Client Type / Client / Job
06-01-01-10 T&M Invoice Billing & Job Cost by Cost Code / Cost Type
06-01-01-14 Job Status & GP Report by Job / Phase with Hours
06-01-01-15 Bid Item Screen Info
06-01-02-03 Job Comparison Report by Cost Code (Up to 8 Jobs)
06-01-02-04 Job Cost Totals by Cost Codes (Job Range)
06-01-02-07 Job/Phase Cost Journal with Labor Hours
06-01-02-10 Job Payroll Totals with Burden by Job / Cost Code
06-01-02-11 Job Cost Summary by Division
06-01-02-12 Job Cost Journal by Job Cst Cde w/Hrs (Wage Suppression) 
06-01-02-16 Job Cost Totals By Cost Code -12 Periods (Legal size)
06-01-03-10 Payroll Totals and Burdens by Job/Phase
06-01-04-15 8-Job Cost Comparison by Cost Code
06-01-06-07 Gross Profit Report by Job / Phase with Budgets / Costs
06-01-06-13 Original & To Date Gross Profit By Job 
06-01-06-14 Original & To Date Gross Profit By Job w-Hours 
06-01-06-18 GP Report By Supervisor / Job 
06-01-06-19 GP Report with Labor & NonLabor Expense by Job 
06-01-08-02 Bonding Report with Pending Info 
06-01-08-03 Job Profitability Report by Job Range (1-line per Job) 
06-01-08-08 Job Status Report  (1-Line per Job) 
06-01-08-19 Bonding Report w/Period Select by Status/Dept/Job
06-01-09-08 Budget with Changes by Job
06-01-09-10 Budget with Hours & UsrDef Type by Phase / Division
06-01-09-15 Budget, New & Original, By Division
06-01-11-11 Bid Letter / Proposal
06-01-11-12 Scope of Work-Description-Notes 
06-01-11-13 Schedule Details 

06-03 Series Go To Store
06-03-00-05 Job Cost Analysis by Cost Code Division w/Detail
06-03-00-07 T&M Cost Analysis Detail
06-03-00-08 T&M Cost Analysis Summary

06-04 Series Go To Store
06-04-02-07 Change Orders – Prime & Sub Detail
06-04-03-05 Request for Proposal
06-04-04-02 Change Order > PO Audit List~by Job 

06-06 Series Go To Store
06-06-01-01 Purchase Order with Payment Authorization 
06-06-04-01 Parts Ordered Detail List~by Vendor
06-06-04-03 Parts Ordered Detail List~by Part #
06-06-01-10 PO to Excel to Allocation

06-07 Series Go To Store
06-07-02-03 Subcontract Contract (6 pgs, 11 Articles)
06-07-03-01 Subcontract List by Job/Cost Code/Vendor
06-07-03-12 Vendor Subcontract Status List
06-07-03-13 Subcontract Status by Job/Vendor
06-07-03-17 Subcontract List by Vendor / Cost Code

06-08 Series Go To Store
06-08-01-00 Job Status Report with Summary (6-8 Cost-to-Complete)
06-08-01-03 Job Cost Summary by Division with % Complete 

06-08-01-17 Job Cost Report by Job Phase*

06-11 RFP’s  – Go To Store
06-11-01-01 Request for Proposal~with Notes 

06-11-Punch Lists – Go To Store
06-11-07-03 Vendor Punch List 
06-11-07-05 Punch List Worksheet 
06-11-07-08 Punch List Summary 

08 Equipment   Go To Store

08-01-01-05 Equipment Usage Report 
08-01-06-01 Equip Location~By Type, No., Job 
08-01-06-02 Equip Location~By Type, No., Dates 
08-01-06-03 Equip Location~By Dept, Type, No., Dates 
08-01-06-04 Dates Equip on Jobsite By Job 

09 Estimating   Go To Store

09-01-01-02 Part List with BAR CODES 
09-01-01-10 Stock Item List with Details
09-01-01-11 Stock Item List by Part Class
09-01-01-12 Stock Item List by Manufacturer
09-01-02-01  List of Assemblies with Selected Part Numbers 
09-01-03-10 Weekly Estimating Volume 
09-05-00-01 Takeoff Worksheet~by Bid Item w/Asmbly Sell 
09-05-00-02 Proposal with Bid Item Quantities & Unit Pricing
09-05-00-03 Proposal / Estimate
09-05-00-06 Bid Detail by Division/Cost Code (ALL LINES)
09-05-00-09 Takeoff Worksheet with Average Price
09-05-00-10 Takeoff by Bid item/Cost Code
09-05-00-11 Takeoff Worksheet ALL FIELDS 
09-05-00-13 Takeoff Worksheet Client/Job/Bid Item 
09-05-00-15 Takeoff Worksheet by Cost Codes w- Detail & Totals 
09-05-00-17 Takeoff Bid Summary by Job / Phase / Task
09-05-00-18 Takeoff Bid Detail by Task / Vendor / Cost Codes
09-05-00-20 Takeoff Worksheet (ALL LINES)

11-Service Receivables   Go To Store

11-01-02-03 Service Invoice Profitability~by Client/Loc/Salesprsn 
11-01-02-14 Service Invoice List with Cost Code Summary 
11-01-02-15 Service Inv Profitability Summary by Cost Type 
11-01-02-16 Service Inv Line-Item Profitability by Cost Type 
11-01-02-19 Service Inv-Line Item Profitability 
11-02-00-15 Service Invoice with 3 Photos – Show the before and after
on the repair or service call.

11-02-00-16 Dispatch Board (separate page for each Technician)
11-02-00-17 Dispatch Board by Technician / Schedule Date
(for Office / Supervisor)

11-02-00-18 Dispatch Board by Schedule Date / Technician

12-Inventory   Go To Store

12-01-04-02 Inventory Re-order report by Part Class with WO Pending Needs
12-01-04-03 Inventory Re-Order Report with Complete Info 
12-01-04-10 Inventory Transaction Report w- Loc / Vend / Source / Price 
12-01-04-11 Inventory On-Hand Report 
12-01-04-18 Inventory Re-Order Report by Vendor

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