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Jim’s Comments

  • Report writing in Sage 100 Contractor (former Master Builder) can be difficult, but with some basic instruction, you will find it easier, and logical.
  • In this instruction manual, I try to make it as easy and readable as possible, with lots of diagrams, and simple step by step instructions.
  • Feel free to go straight to the area you need for information, as you may already know some of the basics.
  • When you get to the Resources Section (and throughout the book), you will find many of the tools I created over twelve years of writing reports in Master Builder, most of which I learned by trial and error (lots of error) as there was no documentation or manual beyond beginner’s instructions.
  • My goal is to provide the opportunity for you and others to enjoy report writing as much as I have over the years.
  • It’s a very creative and challenging outlet: creating organized reports that are easy to read, and provide the data you need.

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Report Colorful Random Shapes



Client Comments

Amazon:  Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5 Stars  Great resource tool   

By BRITT STEINHARDT on November 22, 2014

“This is a MUST for any Sage 100 Contractor user, consultant or business partner trying to write/modify reports in the Sage 100 Contractor software. Jim’s online training sessions are also an invaluable tool. You can tell immediately when you open the binder that Jim has spent many hours compiling this document, and to me that shows that Jim cares about his clients and his work. Good job Jim.”

5 Stars  Highly recommend! 5 stars

By Stephanie C. on April 7, 2015

“This book is a tremendous help for anyone who uses Sage 100 for their reporting needs. It covers all the basics and includes sample calculations and SQL queries. The included consultation with the purchase of the book is extremely helpful and having the author available for assistance is invaluable in itself. I highly recommend this book for custom report writing in Sage 100.”


By Rich Blanchard, President, Blanchard Construction, May 2017

“I have purchased two of your How To write Custom Reports books for the office and they have helped us tremendously, thanks!”

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